Carters Steam Fair

Boyne Hill


Postcode: SL6 5AD. Fair open 2pm. Please note, entry is free before 5pm and £4 after. Spectacular fireworks display at 7.30pm. Tokens taken - get free rides when you book in advance here. 

Check back soon for more times and dates! 

Some venues this year take Tokens on rides which you can either buy at the fair (50p each) or online in advance where you can benefit from our free rides offer. Please note that tokens are non-transferrable and cannot be used at different venues or on different dates.

2014 PRICES:

Helter Skelter: £1 per person
Austin Cars: £2 per person
Train Ride: £2 per person
Toytown: £2 per person
Mini Octopus: £2 per person
Scenic Dobbies: £2 per person
Big Swingboats*: £2 per person
Little Swingboats: £2 per person
Steam Gallopers: £2.50 per person
Jungle Thriller Ark: £2.50 per person
Chair-o-Plane*: £2.50 per person
Steam Yachts*: £2.50 per person
Dive-Bomber*: £2.50 per person
Giant Octopus**: £2.50 per person
Lightning Skid**: £3 per person
Dodgem**: £4 per car

* Age restrictions apply
** Height restrictions apply

Helter Skelter: 2 tokens per person
Austin Cars: 4 tokens per person
Train Ride: 4 tokens per person
Toytown: 4 tokens per person
Mini Octopus: 4 tokens per person
Scenic Dobbies: 4 tokens per person
Big Swingboats*: 4 tokens per person
Little Swingboats: 4 tokens per person
Steam Gallopers: 5 tokens per person
Jungle Thriller Ark: 5 tokens per person
Chair-o-Plane*: 5 tokens per person
Steam Yachts*: 5 tokens per person
Dive-Bomber*: 5 tokens per person
Giant Octopus**: 5 tokens per person
Lightning Skid**: 6 tokens per person
Dodgem**: 8 tokens per car

* Age restrictions apply
** Height restrictions apply

Dates, times and venues are subject to change.