8 Ways To Get Your Fun Fair Fix

10 April, 2020



Last week on our live stream via Facebook Joby talked about how you can support us while we’re unable to travel the fair. Here are the different ways we have found to entertain you at home.

We were due to begin our 2020 tour around the country this April but COVID-19 has so far put a stop to all of this. This is not only disappointing for all of our loyal fans, but also has serious financial implications for all the families involved in running the fair. However, fear not, as we have thought of many ways to entertain you at home, which in turn will support us through these unprecedented times.

1. Virtual Signwriting Courses

Joby Carter is offering three different signwriting courses: Learn About Letters, Fancy Letters and Fairground Art. Each consists of five live sessions, one hour a day, Monday to Friday. Joby will demonstrate traditional skills and teach you expert tips that are usually passed down through generations of signwriters. Learn About Letters shows you how to get started drawing letters correctly, and you don’t need any experience of lettering to enjoy this course. We recommend it for ages 14+ because of the level of the level of complexity. We are now booking for our third week of this course, because the first two weeks sold out within 48hrs. The Fancy Letters and Fairground Art courses have just been launched and will be of interest to those who have already had a go at lettering, or have artistic background and would like to learn more about these areas. The courses are proving very popular so if you’re interested, book a place now to avoid disappointment.
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2. Virtual One-to-One Tuition for Signwriting

Joby is also offering private sessions online tailored to you. This is an amazing opportunity to get advice and feedback from one of the world’s leading signwriting experts.
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3. Gift Experiences

You can now buy gift experiences that can be used on the rides and attractions at a Carters Steam Fair location of your choice in 2020 or 2021. With these vouchers you get even more free rides than we usually give away, for example: the £20 experience includes 40 ride tokens and 4 free rides (normally you would only get 3 free rides) and the £50 experience includes 100 ride tokens and 12 free rides (which would usually be 10 free rides). These offers will only be available to buy whilst the fair is restricted by the COVID-19 outbreak. They will help support us now and guarantee you fun in the future! If you are looking for a perfect present for the thrill-seekers in your life, this might be a great place to begin.
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4. Personalised Artwork

Get Joby to paint whatever you want! He’s usually too busy running the fair to do commissions so get your dream sign now while you can. The bespoke hand-painted artwork will be made especially for you, we have 4 different options of sizes and styles to choose from.
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5. Have your name on the fair

We are now offering you the exclusive opportunity to name an Austin car, Dodgem car, the publicity van horse, the Giant 12 foot Horse or a Carters lorry! Someone named one of the 18 Dodgem cars within an hour of our announcing of this scheme. There is only one publicity van horse and one Giant Horse, and it’s first come, first served so personalise something today.
Get your name on the fair >

6. New Poster Collection

We have many more posters available to buy online, from exclusive Carters Steam Fair designs to collectable posters from past events. We also have a great value Collectors’ Edition Poster Set of 10 posters for just £20. The posters are selling fast since we launched them and they’re only available while stocks last so get yours and bring the fun home today.
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7.  Book Collection

Looking for some lockdown reading? Enjoy the fun of the fair from home with our series of books about the history, rides and artwork of Carters Steam Fair. Get yourself one of our books from just £4.50 (plus postage & packaging), or take advantage of our great value Collectors’ Edition Book Set of 6 for just £20.
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8. Limited-Edition Tote bags

We have a few of each of the two designs of tote bags remaining, so you can carry your shopping in style. If you combine a tote bag with one of our Collectors’ Edition book or poster sets, you’ll get free delivery (free delivery on any order over £30).
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“A showman has always had to innovate to stay ahead of the times and I wanted to find new ways to help keep our fair on the road whilst giving our fans something unique in return. Within the first 24hrs of the launch of our virtual courses and new products, my wife and I were very humbled by the amount of orders we received, we would like to thank each and every one of our fans who placed those orders we are most grateful for your support at this extremely testing time. Stay home and stay safe everyone.”

Joby Carter.

Thank you for supporting us, take care and we hope to see you on the fair soon.

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