Colour in the Gallopers Ride

9 April, 2019

When you ride on the Gallopers it’s always a lot of fun choosing which horse to ride on, each of the horses have different names and we have named ours’ after family and friends. Download our colouring-in sheet and write your name on the rounding boards for your own personalised Galloper ride.

You could use pencils, crayons, felt tip or even paint to bring it to life – the brighter the better!

Fun Fact: Is this a carousel? No!

A carousel turns anti-clockwise and the horses are often different to one another and prancing. ‘Gallopers’ is the British term for this ride which turns clockwise, most likely because we drive on the left, so when ladies would sit side-saddle they would face outwards.

If you fancy sharing your design with us, get a grown up to take a photo of your creation and send it to us by email: [email protected]

Colouring in sheet

Download and print our Galloper horse PDF colouring in sheet for all the fun of the fair at home!

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We raised over £10k for charity in 2020!

We raised over £10k for charity in 2020!

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