Design your own Scammell Truck

9 April, 2019

What is a Scammell Truck?

Scammell trucks were made in Britain between 1921 and 1988 and were used for lots of different tasks, including being used by the war by the army. Some people say they are the best name in commercial British road transport.

When war broke out in 1914 lots of vehicles were needed for lots of different tasks and Scammell trucks proved very popular. 

What is a Showtrac Scammell?

After the war they created the Showtrac Scammell. Only 18 were built and it is thought that 17 survive.

Over the years we have collected 9 Scammell trucks as a family and have restored them to be as good as when they first drove out of the showroom. Ours date from 1942 up to 1963 and are still going strong.

The Scammell Showtrac No.3 called Progress, its used for hauling the 1901 savage yacht engine and one of the yacht boats, but its  a versatile lorry and can tow many of our trailers, we also have Scammell Highwayman No.12 called Victorious that hauls one of our kip truck lorries.

You can see photos of all our transport on our vehicles pages.

They may not be as comfy and fast as modern-day transport, but they are a part of the fair and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Download our colouring in sheet and write your name on the truck for your own personalised Scammell

You could use pencils, crayons, felt tip or even paint to bring it to life – the brighter the better!

If you fancy sharing your design with us, get a grown up to take a photo of your creation and send it to us by email: [email protected]

Colouring in sheet

Download and print our Scammell Truck PDF colouring in sheet for all the fun of the fair at home!

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