Brush Strokes – 27th to 31st July 2020

Virtual courses with Joby Carter

Join Joby for this series of five, one-hour live sessions from his paint shop where you will be taught about brush strokes.

Joby will be demonstrating traditional skills and expert tips that are usually passed down through the generations.

Mon 27th July  – Fri 31st July 2020, 18:00 – 19:00 GMT + 01:00


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Do you want to brush up on your brush strokes?

Join Joby for a series of five virtual sessions broadcasted live.

Each of these sessions will be one hour long Joby will be demonstrating his brush skills and sharing expert tips which have been passed down through generations of signwriters.

Moving on from the Learn About Letters and Fancy Lettering courses this virtual course will cover how Joby uses the brush. During the course Joby will be giving a live demonstration with you watching his every move. He will be painting a series of pre-laid letters so you can see his brush strokes and ask those burning questions about how he does it. We highly recommend our Learn About Letters and Fancy Lettering courses for the low down on how to lay out letters properly as this course is purely brush work.

This is a unique chance to hear Joby share some of his signwriting expertise, normally reserved for students on his one-day and five-day signwriting courses.

These days, when many people are turning to digital software, or use tapes, vinyls and masking, Joby remains true to the craft which hasn’t changed over the centuries. He will teach you traditional ways of working that span well over 100 years, and is passionate about keeping the traditional skill of signwriting and brush-painted fairground art alive. And he loves sharing his knowledge with his students!

Joby learned his craft from Stan Wilkinson, continuing a signwriting lineage that spans five generations. Stan Wilkinson was apprentice to Mr Giles, who had been trained by his father, who in turn was trained by his father before him, an in-house signwriter for Hovis in Basingstoke during the Victorian era.

Virtual Session Access

Access to the virtual sessions are via Zoom, you will need to follow the link in your booking confirmation email to access the meeting.

Course sales will close when we sell out or just before the first session of the course begins.

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