The fair in focus, as seen by photographer Graeme Worsfold

7 May, 2019

Our vintage rides and beautiful fairground art attract lots of photographers to the fair.
In this series we interview and showcase the work of photographers that have visited us and get them to tell us more about how Carters Steam Fair inspires them to grab their camera and shoot.

Introducing Graeme Worsfold and his set of photographs taken in Maidenhead.

Hi Graeme, can you tell us a bit more about this set of images?

This set was taken in October 2017, but as a Maidenhead dweller myself, the family and I have been visiting Carters on and off for years. It just so happens on that day it was unusually good light for that time of year and I got a great round of images which I shared on my Worsfold Photos blog at the time. These were all taken on a Sony A7R ii with a 35mm Sony Zeiss lens and edited to taste in Lightroom.

What do you like about photographing Carters Steam fair?

It’s the colours. The rides are beautifully produced and while that makes for a great image in themselves, in conjunction with locals out having a great time it turns into something else. So really it’s a combination of bright colours, candid people shots and then the minutiae such as a handful of doughnuts or a balloon that really catches my interest.

However, if you pushed me on a favourite ride (photographically) then it’s either the Chairoplane or the Steam Gallopers.

Are there any tips or advice you would give someone thinking of coming to take photos at the fair?

Travel light (you don’t want to look like a pro on a job with a huge bag and a tripod) and try and look at the Steam Fair as a story and how you can tell it with a combination of reportage/candid style shots of people and then smaller cameos of objects and take plenty of money for rides!


Can you tell us a bit about you and your work?

Originally a graphic designer and creative, I’ve lived in Maidenhead for about 9 years. Most of my photography is corporate and brand work – for clients such as Three, ITV and Great Ormond Street Hospital – with a massive dose of street and candid shoots in London. I’m a big fan of journalistic, cinematic style with loads of natural light – there’s probably a way of pigeon holing it but I’ve yet to come up with it!

You can see more of what I do on my website or follow me on Instagram and Facebook

I also run Toggle – a site focused on getting the most out of our cameras when out and about with your family (and without all the tech speak!)

Thank you Graeme for sharing your photos and story.

If you’re a photographer that has been to the fair and would like to feature in our interview series here on the blog, please get in touch.  

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