The fair in focus, as seen by photographer Kirsty Meredith

5 December, 2019

The fair in focus: Carters Steam Fair through a photographer’s lens.

Our beautifully restored rides are fun to ride, but they are very photogenic too. in this series on the blog we’ll be sharing the work of the incredible photographers that visit us when we are on tour.

Introducing Kirsty Meredith, a freelance photographer based in Maidenhead, specialising in architecture, events and business solutions.

Hi Kirsty can you tell us a bit more about this set of images?

I wanted to create a set of images that show movement, people enjoying and engaging in the rides and fair. It was important for me to capture the colour and vibrance of the fair and really show people what the atmosphere is about. I captured each ride fully in action. For these images I used a Canon 6D with a 24mm-105mm lens and I added a little saturation and vibrance to the images to give that extra punch.

Carters Steam Fair

What do you like about photographing Carters Steam Fair?

For me, it was the atmosphere of the fair and how many people were enjoying themselves from all different ages and backgrounds. I really enjoy capturing smiles and laughter so this was a really important aspect. I loved the carousel and the rides that created so much movement. This really made me reach for my camera and shoot images that I wouldn’t normally and shoot with a unique perspective. I think it’s important as a photographer to step outside your comfort zone from time to time, explore through your lens and soak up the atmosphere. This event really allowed me to do that.

Are there any tips/ advice you would give someone thinking of coming to take photos at the fair?

The fair was very busy so take care when you are moving around, I tried to stay out the way as much as I could and just took my time with what I was photographing. I also stayed in the same place for several minutes to capture those important moments that disappear in an instance. I only took my camera and a small bag, this is all you need.

Careters Steam Fair

Can you tell us a bit about you and your usual work?

I photograph architecture, events and provide photography for local businesses. Recently I’ve provided photography for City Press, EAB Homes, Ismart Property Solutions Ltd, MyWorkSpot and Saints Connected. I recently exhibited my first solo photography exhibition which was called ‘From Construction to Completion’ and was exhibited in the gallery at the Curve, Slough from 1st November until 29th November 2019. The exhibition revealed the transformative journey of modern buildings from start to finish. My photographs bought the journey to life with striking exterior and interior images showing modern and post-modern architecture. The exhibition inspired you to look at the buildings around us in a new light.

Kirsty Meredith Photography

I am also the blog content writer for the #DeterminationAndDisability blog series which is a blog series I created to interview other female business owners with a disability and share their story. The aim of the blog series is to raise awareness for different types of disabilities. You can find out more by heading over to my website, 

You can see more of what I do on my Facebook page and Instagram.

Thank you Kirsty for sharing your photos and story.

If you’re a photographer that has been to the fair and would like to feature in our interview series here on the blog, please get in touch.  

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