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How much does it cost to get in to Carters Steam Fair?
Entry to the Fair is FREE. In exceptional circumstances the Fair may be part of a larger event which has its own entrance fee (for example, a music festival). We will make it clear on our Diary page when there is a fee.

How much do rides cost?
Click here to see the current prices. You can buy tokens online up to midnight the night before your visit and benefit from special free ride offers, or buy tokens on the fair from the Token Booth.

What time is the firework display?
At sites where Carters holds its own free-entry firework display, we usually hold it at 9pm on the evening in question.

Family rivalry on Carters Dodgems!

Are dogs allowed at the Fair?
Yes, we are dog-friendly, but they must be on a lead and under control.

Are there age restrictions for the rides?
We don't have age restrictions, but for some rides we have height restrictions. You must be over 1.1 metres tall in order to ride the Chair-o-Plane, Steam Yachts, Park Swings, Dodgem, Skid and Dive-Bomber. You must be under 1.3 metres tall to ride on the Austin Cars, Train Ride, Toytown, Mini Octopus, Scenic Dobbies and the White Waltham High Flyers swingboats. All other rides have no restriction. Small children should be accompanied on rides such as the Gallopers.

Do I have to pay for me if I am riding to support my toddler?
Yes, all riders pay to ride, whatever the age.

How many tokens should I buy?
Click here to see a current list of prices for rides to help you decide. If you buy tokens online up to midnight the night before your visit you get fantastic free ride deals.

When are you coming to …[insert home town here]?
Carters travels across the south and west of England every summer. For details of where we are visiting, click here.

Why don't you come to the north of England / Scotland / Wales?
Never say never! Our Yard is based in Berkshire and our vintage lorries and steam engines sometimes need fettling, and we need to be able to receive deliveries in order to keep the show on the road, so we generally don't stray too far from our base, but we are open to suggestions! Have you got a park or open space that you think would be perfect for Carters? If so, get in touch. We do also take rides to far-flung places for commissioned film or hire jobs.

Moving day. Photo: Ron Wood

Can I hire the Fair for my event?
Yes. We can provide either individual rides and attractions or the full fair (subject to availability). Have a look at our hire page for more information.

Can we use the Fair in our film, television production or photoshoot?
Carters has featured in many films, television programmes and magazines over the years, and we are very used to working with you to fulfill your requirements. For more information, have a look at our hire page.

Where is my favourite ride?
All of our equipment is antique, and so it requires a lot of love and attention to keep it in tip top condition. Sometimes rides or attractions need a "birthday", so we take them off the road and bring them to the Yard for a well-deserved rest and to be restored thoroughly to keep them running for another hundred years. If your favourite ride is missing at the Fair it is very likely that it is being restored at the Yard and will be back out on the road next year. Some of the rides and sideshows are guest attractions that travel with us, and are not necessarily at every venue due to other commitments; these include the Wall of Death, the Jets, the Ghost Train, the Twist and others.

Are vintage rides safe for modern audiences?
All of Carters Steam Fair's vintage rides and attractions are subjected to the same rigorous safety checks and sign-offs that enormous modern white-knuckle rides go through, and every year they are inspected by ADIPS inspectors (the Amusement Device Inspection Procedures Scheme) which issues them with Declaration of Operational Compliance certificates. We take our customers' safety very seriously and ensure that our rides are in tip-top condition at all times. Some of our rides date back to the early years of the 20th century, and were white-knuckle rides in their day. To ensure you have an authentic experience we keep them faithful to their original designs, so on some rides you must hold on tight for maximum fun.

Keeping the Yachts in steam

Is there disability access on the Fair?
We are very keen to make the Fair an enjoyable experience for all our visitors, and we do all we can to ensure that disabled customers have a great day out. Some of the rides are more accessible than others of course, and some customers might need carers or guardians to ride alongside them to ensure that they are happy and safe. If anybody becomes distressed while a ride is in motion we will stop it and help them alight safely.

I want to run away with the Fair!
We sometimes have opportunities for people to work on the Fair. Most of the work is good old-fashioned labouring, and includes building up and taking down rides, but workers also operate the equipment during open hours and have to be cheerful, welcoming and a friendly member of the family. If you would like to work for Carters, please contact us here.

I love the artwork on the Fair! Is there anywhere where I can learn to paint like that?
Yes! In the winter when the Fair is off the road Joby Carter runs very popular painting courses to teach people traditional signwriting, lining, gilding and other skills connected to fairground painting. For more details about the artwork on the fair, click here. To find out more about the courses, click here.

I need help restoring a vintage ride or vehicle. Can Carters help me?
Depending on your requirements, it's very possible that Carters will be able to help you. We specialise in paintwork and decor, but can also handle other aspects of your restoration for you. Contact us to discuss your requirements in more detail.

If you have any questions about Carters Steam Fair that aren't answered here or elsewhere on this site, please contact us and we'll do our best to answer them.

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