The Lightning Skid

Hurtle around at 100 smiles an hour — press the pedal to skid your car for an extra boost!

About the Lightning Skid

Noisy and fast, and beautifully and intensely decorated, the Skid is a very popular ride dating from the 1960s.

Fun Fact: Is this a Waltzer? No!

Many people get the Skid confused with a waltzer because the shape of the cars is similar. Waltzers have hills, similar to our Ark, and the cars spin 360°.


Who can ride, and what does it cost?

The Skid is suitable for people over 1.1m tall accompanied but you must be over 1.3m to ride unaccompanied and costs 6 tokens per person to ride.

A brief history of the Lightning Skid

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