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All Carters Steam Fair rides and attractions are available to hire, availability permitting, for television and film, media, private events and functions.

The Kaiser Chiefs, Meanwhile Up in Heaven video, filmed on the fair in 2014.

Generally speaking, if you're interested in hiring a large ride, you will need good access and a level site to build up on. Most large rides aren't available during the season, please get in touch to check availability and to let us know your requirements.


Filming an episode of Midsomer Murders, 2015

In addition to providing a perfect authentic and period correct setting for drama and feature films, Carters Steam Fair also supplies a dynamic and beautiful location for documentary filming and photo shoots.

From the Oscar-winning The Theory of Everything,The Krays and 28 Weeks Later, to The End Of The Affair, Hugo and Oranges Are Not The Only Fruit, Carters Steam Fair and its people have featured in countless feature films and television dramas, including as a set for Endeavour and Midsomer Murders, and has a highly professional and adaptable reputation.

Fashion photographers, bands and artists have also used Carters Steam Fair as a backdrop to their work, which has appeared in many magazines and supplements. Advertising producers have also chosen the Fair on numerous occasions as a colourful and exciting location for television adverts.

Carters Steam Fair has featured on BBC documentaries in its own right and has appeared in a number of children's television programmes, in addition to serving as a location for The Antiques Roadshow. The fair was also followed for a season by the Channel 5 observational documentary series, Fairground Attractions.

If you are interested in hiring the fair for a film or photography production, please get in touch so we can discuss your requirements. Please be aware that you will need adequate access to your site for the vehicles to pull on, and a good level ground.

Filming an episode of Salvage Hunters at the yard for Quest

If you are a photographer, film maker or art director and you would like to come along to an existing ground to take photographs, please contact us to book yourselves in.

We can also supply a number of vintage lorries and transport. See an example on the Bulmer's advert here.

The Ball in Bucket stall









The Grand Palace of Entertainment

Do you want to provide classic entertainment for your event? We can provide either single rides or the whole fair (depending on availability). We can also provide the Grand Palace of Entertainment as a venue for receptions, gigs, theatre etc. If you would like to include Carters attractions at your event, please get in touch and let us know the details: When is it? Where is it? And What is your event?

Please be aware that we usually plan our season well in advance (up to a year beforehand) so make sure you can give us as much notice as possible.

As a rough guideline, prices range from £450 for sidestalls such as the Strikers or Ball in Bucket (pictured above), to large rides such as the Gallopers, Ark, or Steam Yachts from around £3000.

 The Theory of Everything, 2015

The Gallopers featuring on ITV's ITV Player advertisement, 2015 

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