The Jubilee Steam Gallopers

Glide through the breeze on a majestic steed. Riders of all ages can enjoy this quintessentially English Victorian funfair classic.

About the Jubilee Steam Gallopers

The oldest ride we own, the Gallopers was built in about 1895 by Robert Tidman & Sons in Norwich; when it was new, this would be the fastest most people had ever travelled.

The beautiful Gallopers is the centrepiece to Carters Steam Fair – it’s how it all began, and it’s still at the heart of the family.

Fun Fact: Is this a carousel? No!

Anyone caught calling this ride a carousel gets a black mark! A carousel turns anti-clockwise and the horses are often different to one another and prancing. ‘Gallopers’ is the British term for this ride which turns clockwise, most likely because we drive on the left, so when ladies would sit side-saddle they would face outwards.


Who can ride, and what does it cost?

The Gallopers is a gentle ride and is suitable for all ages (small children should be accompanied by an adult). It costs 5 tokens per person to ride.

A brief history of the Jubilee Steam Gallopers

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Coronavirus update

Following the latest advice from the UK government and Public Health England, we are reviewing our upcoming 2020 tour dates. We’re very disappointed that we can’t bring the fun of the fair to you all but we hope to see you soon in 2020 when things settle down.

We will be monitoring the situation and we will update you weekly on our social media, or as soon as the situation changes. You can also find the latest information about our 2020 tour in our blog post which we will keep updated.

Thanks for all your patience while we work through these unpredictable times.

Joby, Georgina and the Carters Team.